Learn how customers are using our sensors and data for energy efficiency and cost savings.

solar panels
Residential Solar

Reduce churn. Increase engagement. Deliver savings.

Through our sensing technology and cloud platform we offer solar providers a complete suite of energy ecosystem services. Whether it’s mobile application engagement, thermostat optimization or demand response aggregation, we offer end-to-end services to keep your target customers engaged, and your current customers happy.

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power lines
Energy Services

Meet EE and DR program goals. Manage capacity and costs. Engage customers.

The Connected Savings platform provides unparalleled peak load reduction, device aggregation and energy efficiency. With our DIY sensor, we’ve completed our DER offering, allowing PV and EV integration and deepening customer engagement.

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utility meters
Demand Response

Forecast demand. Reduce load. Maintain comfort.

We offer a complete DRMS aggregation platform through a single interface across multiple devices, tailored DR strategies, flexible dispatch and more. Our platform supports residential and SMB markets.

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green tree
Energy Efficiency

Our proprietary weather data and patented algorithms deliver unmatched efficiency.

Connected Savings intelligently optimizes connected devices for automated energy efficiency (EE) programs with unmatched results. Our analytics enable behavioral Energy Efficiency with personalized data-driven insights through customizable mobile and web applications.

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kitchen with appliances
Home Intelligence

We mine energy data for appliance level intelligence.

Every device and appliance has a unique power signature. We identify each of these power signatures, and deliver unprecedented intelligence on appliance level activity. Whether it’s notifying a homeowner of a failing air conditioner, or simply that the laundry cycle is done, our intelligence makes the home smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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electric meter
Energy Management

Optimize every connected device and appliance through a centralized intelligence system.

Our home energy management platform aggregates multiple device types and loads for Time of Use pricing and Demand Response goals. Our ecosystem is expanding to integrate renewables and leverage generation for a complete home energy ecosystem.

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