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Through our cutting-edge sensor technology and network data, we work with our partners to prevent electrical fires and drive massive loss avoidance.

Predict and prevent home electrical fires to keep your policyholders safe.

Direct investment where it's needed most with the most comprehensive network to ever monitor the grid.

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A Breakthrough in Fire Prediction & Prevention

Meet Ting, advanced technology made simple. Ting delivers intelligent detection and mitigation of electrical hazards both in the home and on the power grid before a fire can start.

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Protecting families and communities, together

With Ting, we're reshaping fire prevention standards and redefining how grid resiliency is monitored and shared to save lives and protect the planet.

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At Whisker Labs, we're building cutting-edge technology to solve some of the world's most challenging problems. We're looking for mission-oriented people to help us save lives and create a more resilient planet through electrical fire prevention.

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