Our Executives

Bob Marshall portrait
Bob Marshall

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Sloop

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Mike Katlen

Chief Financial Officer

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Jenny Gregory

SVP, Operations

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Joe McNulty

SVP, Marketing

Team Photos

“What I like most about Ting is the team’s commitment to helping to prevent fires. Living in an area prone to wildfires, I like spreading the word about our technology. By keeping individual homes safe, the community is also made safer.”

Crystal H.
Fire Safety Team

“Working for a company that is setting the standard for preventing fires is something that will be life changing. It's incredible to see a device that can do what Ting is doing.”

James K.
Master Electrician

“After being evacuated from wildfires myself, it is very humbling to be a part of an operation that prevents fires. My role is to ensure fire risks are prevented before they impact the lives of our customers in any way.”

Patrick G.
Fire Safety Team

“My favorite part about working on Ting is knowing that we’re preventing catastrophes and saving lives every day.”

Andrew L.
Customer Care

“Every time we mitigate a hazard, we save one more home and potentially many lives. Knowing
that fact is an absolute highlight of my day and why I love what I do.”

Deion O.
Fire Safety Team

“I love the opportunity to work through challenges with customers to stop fire hazards in their homes, so they feel safe and confident.”

Damien R. 
Fire Safety Team


Build a Safer Future with Us

At Whisker Labs, we're solving problems that have never been solved before. Our team members change the future of fire prevention and become catalysts for industry-defining work.

A Ting supervisor teaching about an electrical panel

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About Us

We find the signal in the noise, sensing what matters. That's the meaning behind 'whisker' in Whisker Labs.

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Our History

Our focus defines our journey: developing sensors and networks to generate new data and solve really tough, meaningful problems.

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As leaders in electrical fire prevention, Whisker Labs exist to create a safer, more resilient world.