Preventing 4 Out of 5
Electrical Fires

A riskier world requires a new way of thinking. Ting helps insurers manage risk by preventing devastating, loss-generating fires in homes and throughout communities, driving better engagement and retention with policyholders while driving down the cost of claims.

Prevention is a win for all.

Transforming Together

Meet Ting

Engaging, Yet Simple

Ting solves a problem that is incredibly compelling to homeowners: better protecting their family and home from fire. It does so with a single, DIY plug-in sensor that takes just two minutes to install.

The result? Activation rates as high as 85%.

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Loved by Insurers and Their Customers

"State Farm is committed to being a good neighbor and always looks for ways to put our customers first. Ting is an important part of the work we are doing to prevent losses and to help protect more people in more ways. Offering Ting to homeowner customers makes sense. Many of our customers who now have Ting in their homes have told us they love it!”

Chris Schell
State Farm Senior Vice President – Property & Casualty

“Without Ting, my life may have been very different. I was notified of a possible fire hazard, and the problem was exactly what Ting said it was. I showed the problem to the utility company; they said it was severe, and, in time, it would have been a disaster. Thanks to Ting and their monitoring, my home and life were saved."

Nationwide Policyholder

“The Ting team is amazing; they have a well-defined process that covers all angles. As a State Farm agent, I highly recommend Ting to everyone I speak with.”

Pat Q.
State Farm Agent

"Ting identified a problem that I had no idea existed until the safety team made me aware. With their continued monitoring and consultation with me the problem was solved. This very likely prevented a fire or serious condition within the system. My hats off to State Farm for offering this service.”

State Farm Policyholder

“My utility came out to my house this morning and found that there was a loose connection and frayed wires, which could have caused a fire. Thank you so much, Ting! I’m a State Farm agent, so I’m going to be sure to recommend all my customers sign up for Ting!”

Jonette P.
State Farm Agent

Iot the right way

Robust Solution

IoT the Right Way

IoT hardware alone is not a strategy. With Ting, Whisker Labs meets you where you are with an enterprise-grade program complete with operations and marketing guidance to optimize enrollments, activations and drive retention and transform your relationship with policyholders.

Home Telematics

Better Data.
Better Decisions.

Data clarity is crucial. Beyond prevention, Ting is documenting novel findings around the origin of electrical fires. With Ting telematics data, insurers are improving predictive models and claims handling to drive savings and better customer care.

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Proven Prevention Technology

Ting saves more than 10 homes per day from electrical fire hazard risk.


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