Ting Sensor

A preventable electrical fire impacts a home in the U.S. every 10 minutes. That's where Ting comes in.

Through a simple, plug-in sensor, Ting enables detection and mitigation of electrical hazards before a fire can start. A single sensor monitors an entire home's electrical system for arcs and sparks, the precursors to imminent fires.

Someone plugging a Ting sensor into a wall socket and electricity shown animated coming from it
A power tower with an electrical network connected to it

Ting Sensor Network

In aggregate, Ting sensors form the Ting Sensor Network, the largest IoT network to ever monitor the grid. The Ting Network detects and pinpoints dangerous power and arc faults along the grid to help predict and prevent fire risks and avoid catastrophic events.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

Ting takes just two minutes to set up and is easy to use, yet leverages advanced, machine learning technology to analyze fire risk. It monitors electricity 30 million times every second to detect the smallest micro-arcs that lead to electrical fires.

Someone unboxing a Ting sensor

Loved by Customers

“Your service is literally a lifesaver. I would have had no idea my house had a fire hazard situation going on if it
wasn't for Ting and your team. You kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you, Ting!”

Robert H.
Ting Customer, Adairsville, GA

"I thank Ting profusely for saving me from an electrical fire!!"

Paula T.
Ting Customer, Woodbury, MN

“Without Ting, my life may have been very different. I was notified of a possible fire hazard, and the problem was
exactly what Ting said it was. I showed the problem to the utility company; they said it was severe, and, in time, it
would have been a disaster. Thanks to Ting and their monitoring, my home and life were saved.”

Ron P.
Ting Customer, Northumberland, PA

"I wouldn't have had any idea what was wrong if hadn't been for Ting."

Marsha H
Ting Customer, Anderson, SC

"Ting called me to alert me that a serious fire hazard was showing up at my house, and they had me contact the electric company to come out immediately, and they did. The electrician was amazed by the Ting sensor and wishes all homeowners had them!

Monica D.
Ting Customer, Birdsboro, PA