Our "Aha" Moment

A horrible house fire of someone close compelled us to use our sensor and data expertise to solve this century-old challenge.

House on fire

Our History

It's been a storied journey thanks to our tremendous team, partners and homeowner customers. And there's a lot more in store!

2017Our Start

A family tragedy: home and pet loss from fire. We endeavor to solve the longstanding electrical fire problem.

2018Ting Launches

Breakthrough! We achieve what most deemed impossible, a sophisticated, single-sensor solution with a super-simple customer experience.

2021100,000 Homes

The 100,000th Ting sensor is shipped. Over 1,000 homes saved and accelerating.

2022Grid Monitoring Launches

The Consumer Power Quality index (CPQI) is released, a monthly assessment of grid resiliency by utility.

2023500,000 Homes

Home saves reach 7,500. Ting wins Good Housekeeping Reno Award for 2nd straight year.

Keep Exploring

Our focus is clear and our resolve for improving safety is absolute. Learn more about the people and passion behind it all.

Team members checking laptop

About Us

We find the signal in the noise, sensing what matters. That's the meaning behind 'whisker' in Whisker Labs.

Bob, Jenny, and Chris in front of a display of Ting sensors

Meet the Team

Experts with decades of experience and a relentless desire to change the future of fire prevention.



Fire prevention is better for all. Knowing power is safe is equally so. But we don't stop there.