Closeup of electrical outlet removed from wall with wiring still attached showing heat damage and potential fire hazard from arcing activity.
January 31, 2024
8,000 Families and Homes Saved from Potential Fires

Few get the opportunity to say that you work to help save lives. All of us at Whisker Labs have…

wildfire burning in the background, home in the foreground
December 22, 2023
The Importance of Grid Monitoring to Improve the Resilience and Safety of the Nation’s Electric Grid

Whisker Labs recently hosted a webinar focused on fundamental challenges and required solutions concerning Grid Resiliency. Key industry leaders and…

Couple on the couch looking at cell phone
February 4, 2023
Beyond the Hype: Helping the Insurance Sector Move to Predict and Prevent

By Robert Marshall | CEO, Whisker Labs | Global leader in fire prevention and grid monitoring Devices are not a…

March 1, 2022
New Data: Home Electrical Fire Prevention

Electrical fires impact nearly 50,000 homes each year. These fires cause approximately $1.3B in property losses each year and result…