Few get the opportunity to say that you work to help save lives. All of us at Whisker Labs have the privilege to say that this is our job every day – to prevent fires, protect families, homes, and communities, and, indeed, save lives. The most fulfilling moments come when a customer shares how Ting has made a difference. It was just a couple of short years ago when Ting was only in a few thousand homes, and we’d celebrate each customer ‘save’ as it happened. Now, we do so at big milestones. We just reached another.

A single catastrophic home fire caused by an electrical fault from a dehumidifier inspired the research and determination behind Ting’s development. It inspired our resolve to develop a technology-forward solution to this century-old problem. And it continues to inspire us today.

We recently reached another milestone since Ting’s launch: 8,000 saves. That’s 8,000 unique and powerful customer experiences across the U.S. where Ting detected a developing hazard, alerted the homeowner, and our Fire Safety Team engaged to find and mitigate the hazard. 8,000 situations where dangerous conditions have been remediated to prevent a future fire in the home or community.

What are those experiences like? Our customers have the best perspective. Many share their experience with us every day. Here’s one of thousands:

Jan 26, 2024 – I had just flipped the breaker on to my dryer after it had tripped and started the dryer. Ten minutes later Ting alerted me to a potential Hazard. Lance was super helpful and walked me through some troubleshooting and identified the issue. Ting scheduled an electrician to come to my home where they found the issue which was the electrical wire from my dryer to the breaker had become corroded and was arcing. The electricians repaired the issue and Ting continued to monitor to ensure the arcing was resolved. I received Ting through my homeowner’s insurance with State Farm and glad I decided to sign up for the service. I would highly recommend to anyone that Ting is an asset to home safety!

– Mindy  |  Brookeville, OH

Each save is unique, but no matter the situation, our Fire Safety Team sees each case through from start to finish. Some require ‘unplugging’ and stopping the use of a malfunctioning, failing, and dangerous device, such as a faulty power strip or heating blanket. For others, an electrician is needed to replace an outlet, breaker, or switch or swap out a faulty light fixture or ceiling fan. And yet, in others, we empower the homeowner to reach out to their electric utility provider to address the dangerous power condition stemming from utility equipment that could start a fire or damage/destroy devices and appliances in the home. In all cases, Ting technology and the Ting Fire Safety Team (FST) – the world’s leading experts in electrical fires – calmly work with our customers to help prevent devastating fires.

Jan 15, 2024 – “This is what I sent to my insurance company Nationwide: Ting saw arcing on my fuse box, the people at Ting called arranged for an electrician and that is what ended up saving me from an imminent fuse box fire. Can’t thank you enough and wanted to tell you that all the people at Ting who I or the electrician spoke with were very qualified professionals who totally understood the problem, understood the photos we sent and were able to fully explain the situation to me. Crystal was my main contact at Ting, and again an excellent professional.

– Julie  |  Greer, SC

We want to say we’ve seen it all, but we know that can never be entirely true. But with so many fully documented cases, the statistical significance of that data, and so much customer feedback – here’s what we can say:

  1. Fire prevention is good for everyone. Preventing a loss also means avoiding the time, energy, and awful emotional toll a fire has on families, first responders, agents, insurers, and the community. Not only is Ting protecting families and homes, but Ting is also saving lives.
  2. Ting’s impact on electrical fire prevention is significant. No matter how risky a home is with respect to electrical fire hazards, a home with Ting is a safer home.
  3. Ting’s impact on another loss category is growing. While losses inside the home from water are not as destructive or emotionally charging as those from fire, Ting has helped prevent hundreds of homes from imminent water issues from failing hot water heaters and sump pumps, and from frozen pipes.
  4. No technology alone can prevent all losses. Ting’s performance is well documented, preventing 4 of 5 home electrical fires with a false alarm rate of essentially zero. We believe we can do even better and strive every day to prevent even more fires and chip away at the last 20%.
  5. Our national reliance on a more resilient electrical grid now has a powerful ally. Collectively, the ‘network’ of Ting sensors is helping protect the broader community, detecting issues impacting grid resilience and safety across the country. Using this intelligence, utilities, regulators, and first responders can be much more proactive and help minimize the impact of, or prevent altogether, potentially catastrophic events from grid failures, like wildfires.
  6. For insurers, it’s no longer a matter of ‘if’. It’s a matter of how soon and how fast. We understand you may just be starting out on your predict and prevent strategy. That’s why we meet you where you are with expert guidance and support to streamline and fast-track implementation and distribution – and move quickly to realize the customer and business value Ting delivers.


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