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Imagine if smarter sensing technology could actually help prevent fires in the first place. Electrical fires are a hidden danger, emanating from devices, cords, and wires that have aged or have been damaged over time and slowly begin to emit micro-sparks. If homeowners knew that an electrical fire hazard existed, they could take action to ensure an electrical fire did not develop.

That’s where Whisker Labs comes in. Our sensing and software platform measures unique signals in the home electrical network to monitor and alert to tiny arcs and sparks that are happening anywhere in the home. A single plug-in sensor installs in one minute to monitor the whole home for these electrical fire hazards. No installers or electricians are needed to activate the Ting service. Ting-protected homes also help monitor the grid, identifying hazards to help prevent issues inside the home and outside the home in the community, including faults that can lead to wildfire ignitions.

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