Setting a New Standard

Electrical fires are devastating. They often strike without warning, causing severe emotional and financial damage - and in the worst cases, loss of life.

Whisker Labs is driving a new standard for electrical fire safety. Ting prevents 80% of all electrical fires, protecting families, first responders, businesses, and communities at large from hidden electrical risks in the home and on the power grid.

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Driving Grid Reliability

Whisker Labs is redefining how grid health is measured, monitored, and shared. Data from the Ting Network is indispensable to grid reliability and safety. Utilities can't monitor what's not measured.


Protecting the Planet

Electrical problems create waste as they ruin devices and appliances, damage homes, and worst of all, spark wildfires that ravage communities. Preventing these catastrophes from happening in the first place provides the greatest environmental protection.

Whisker Labs strives to drive massive loss avoidance, creating a more sustainable future.

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Keep Exploring

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About Us

We find the signal in the noise, sensing what matters. That's the meaning behind 'whisker' in Whisker Labs.

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Our History

Our focus defines our journey: developing sensors and networks to generate new data and solve really tough, meaningful problems.

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Meet the Team

Experts with decades of experience and a relentless desire to change the future of fire prevention.